Kids in Crisis was awarded $40,000 (PYP Grant Champions Jodi ApplegateLisa GetsonKarina Solomon and Suzanne Stillwell), visit www.kidsincrisis.org for more information.


Mothers for Others was awarded $17,000 (PYP Grant Champions Brooke Bohnsack and Rachael LeMasters visit www.mothersforothers.org for more information.

Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation was Pitched by PYP Grant Champion Jennifer “JJ” Worden, visit www.emsway.org for more information.

Food Rescue US was Pitched by PYP Grant Champions Whitney Keyes and Lara Stewart visit www.foodrescue.us for more information.

Congrats to all our 2017 Grant Champions…because they stopped APOLOGIZING and started PITCHING all these terrific local charities received the valuable attention of our membership!

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