Karina is Brazilian born and grew up in the countryside of Sao Paulo.  She moved to Sao Paulo to attend college at FISP, where she earned her degree in Social Communication. She made the move to the USA in 2005 living in Westchester than moving to Stamford CT. While she was here, she received her second bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from UCONN.   She soon realized, like in her home country, that many people, especially children needed help. The vision she had that everyone in America was well off was quickly reduced. Karina started working with the SPEF-Stamford Public Education Foundation program. She really loved the interaction with the kids and felt she could relate to the children while facing some obstacles of her own living in a foreign country. Karina later married husband Cory in 2008 and they have two beautiful girls together. Currently residing in Riverside, Karina got exposed to Kids in Crisis and she has made it a priority of hers to help spread the good that this organization is doing for our community.

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