Our Mission

Our mission is to engage women in philanthropy and to collectively fund grants to nonprofit initiatives that serve the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut. Trough our internal pitch process, our members educate their peers about unmet needs in the community by championing the causes about which they are most passionate. Pitch Your Peers is committed to promoting volunteerism, informed philanthropy, and collaborative giving, as well as fostering connections among women looking to share and grow their interests in these areas.

2021 Grant Champions and Their Causes

1st Prize of a $50,000 Grant (+ $25,000 match) went to the OGRCC Childcare Program and Scholarship Fund

The PYP Grant Champions: Stefanie Morin, Emily Goodman and Sarah Sippel

The Pitch: Hiring/training teachers and subsidizing essential before and after-school childcare and program scholarships for families in need.

For more information visit: https://www.myogrcc.org/

2nd Prize of a $20,000 Grant (+ $20,000 match) went to Greenwich United Way Early Childhood Achievement Gap Solutions

The PYP Grant Champions: Graci Djuranovic and Karen Hopp

The Pitch:  Funding early childhood home visitations and instructional coaching to help close the achievement gap between low and high-income students.

For more information visit: https://greenwichunitedway.org/

3rd Prize of a $6,000 Grant (+ $6,000 match) went to the Greenwich Botanical Center

The PYP Grant Champions: Nina Lindia and Meredith Shames

The Pitch: Providing funds to expand staffing and programming for the Center’s wide ranging educational and enrichment offerings.

For more information visit: https://greenwichbotanicalcenter.org/

Congrats to all our Grant Champions…because they stopped APOLOGIZING and started PITCHING all these terrific local charities received the valuable attention of our membership!


I feel like I have less and less time, and PYP is a great way to combine being with talented, interesting, like-minded people, and also doing something great for a charity in our community. Combining funds really allows our members to make a big impact on a local...

The value of pitching a charity to peers goes well beyond winning the monetary award - we brought attention and awareness to their cause, generated interest in their activities, and gave feedback, ideas and connections to people-power to help my charity reach their...

This is a fabulous way to meet like-minded individuals while making a difference in our community. The leaders make this journey fun and easy!

PYP gave me the opportunity to share a passion of mine with a group of women with different interests and backgrounds. Not only did I get the experience of pitching, but I was able to extend my reach in a very efficient (and fun!) way.

Not only did pitching for my organization educate the PYP membership about it, but preparing to pitch also gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into my organization, learning more about its needs and its work. Putting in that work to learn more made me an even more...

Joining Pitch Your Peers has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life in Riverside. PYP is an organization of remarkable women, who truly care about the Greenwich community, commit time, money and resources to help those in need.
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