About Us

Our mission is to engage women in philanthropy and to collectively fund grants to charitable initiatives that serve the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut. The goal is to identify unmet needs in the community and provide grants worthy of impactful change to Greenwich for not for profits.  We are committed to promoting volunteerism by exposing our Membership to many local worthwhile charities.  We help our Members become more educated and informed about philanthropic choices and meet like-minded women who share their interests.

We collect annual dues in the amount of $1000/member, pool the dollars and give at least one grant annually.  Membership is by invitation only. The major difference between PYP and other grant funding organizations, is that we get the chance to pitch one another to steer the money to our own passion projects. There is no outside RFP process; only members may pitch the causes that matter to them.  It’s like Shark Tank…for charity.  Bring your A-game and you could be handing your charity a MAJOR gift.  PYP gives back to the community while simultaneously enriching its own membership’s skill set. We are all women who either still work or used to work in high-pressure environments where giving a great pitch was everything.  PYP allows us to put those skills to work for great, local causes.By pitching, you get the word out about your passion project with more than a soundbite, to a captive, discerning audience.  With PYP even if you pitch and lose…you win.   PYP is a franchise model that could easily work in other philanthropic towns, high schools, and sororities: we can teach girls early to stop apologizing for what they want and START PITCHING.