The Grant Process FAQs

How many grants are given in a year?

PYP will welcome 3-4 Pitches at the Annual Pitch Meeting.  We give one first place grant of at least $50,000, one second place grant to total at least $20,000, and one third place grant of at least $10,000, and a fourth of at least $5,000.  All grants are given in one lump sum in December.

What’s the process for getting my charity funded?

Fill out the application, submit it to the grant committee, develop and execute a killer Pitch to your fellow members and cross your fingers.

What does “pitching” entail?

Pitches will be made in person, by the PYP member to the membership at the Annual Pitch Meeting. Representatives from the non-profit are not allowed to be present at the Pitch. You may have written materials which you have prepared, which include details about your organization, the project or effort for which you are seeking support and a process for monitoring the project if it’s funded. All pitches should be no more than 15 minutes.

How long does it take to get funding for my project?

Proposals are submitted to the Executive Committee and presentations are made 4 weeks later, at the Annual Pitch Meeting. Voting takes place no longer than 4 weeks later, online. The time between pitching and voting allows the pitching member to field follow up questions, hold additional smaller information sessions, etc. The non-profits will receive their check before the end of the calendar year.   Our Pitch Meeting is always in the fall, usually early November.

What if I win?

Congratulations! Your non-profit will receive the money you secured directly from PYP. There is a process through which PYP will be in touch with the grantee via the Grant Champion to make sure that the money goes where it’s supposed to and is used as it said it would be. At the end of the grant year, PYP will also ask the Champion to share the grant’s success and ensure that all funds were used as anticipated.

Are there limitations on what charities I can pitch?

All grantees must have 501(c)3 status in good standing and have an impact on our local community in some way.

How can I raise even more money for my charity?

Members are free to donate more than the minimum $1,000 membership fee in any given grant cycle. In addition, Grant Champions can secure matching gifts to increase the winning funds awarded to their non-profit.

How soon can I reapply?

First Prize Grant winners need to wait 1 grant cycle before reapplying (1 grant needs to be given and then you can reapply.) If your grantee isn’t chosen to receive the annual grant, you can apply again in the next grant cycle.

Can any of this change?

Yes. If something isn’t working in practice, we’ll address it.


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