PYP is going beyond pitches and votes to make an immediate impact in our community.  PYP is taking its impact to the streets.  Our streets.  Our Neighborhoods.  PYP Board Members and Co-Chairs of Community Initiatives and Engagement, Cheryl Floyd and Vicki Deppoliti, created PYP’s ongoing Supply the Demand local need-specific collection drives. Supply the Demand is about both Education AND Participation and they will design programming around this concept all year round.  Here’s what’s coming down the PYPLine next:

Supply the Demand: Kids+Compassion Carts

for Greenwich Hospital

March 25th – April 3rd 2021

PYP is teaming up with Greenwich Hospital for our next Supply the Demand: Kids+Compassion Carts edition, by inviting OUR kids to engage in local giving in a new, fun, and (you guessed it!) EASY way. This initiative is for a limited time ONLY and we want to keep those Carts stocked as long as we can this year.  Feel free to reach out with any questions, and (as if we need to say it):  LET’S DO THIS, PYP Greenwich!  


Since Covid, Greenwich Hospital has had to suspend many support and volunteer programs that benefit both the patients and staff who pass through the hospital doors each day.  With limited helpers and resources due to the pandemic, they have had to cancel some of the bright features that make Greenwich Hospital so special. PYP Greenwich Members can revive joy and generosity by sponsoring the “Kids Cart” that recognizes the bravery of out-patient kids coming out of unexpected procedures with small treasures ($1-$5).  We can also go the next step and revive the “Compassion Cart” that’s stocked with essentials for the hospital workers who are often too busy to consider their own needs.  Unfortunately, our members cannot donate items directly (even in new packaging) but Too Sparrows has solved that issue!**

Plus, we can involve OUR KIDS and THEIR COMPASSION to make this next mission happen! Who knows better WHAT KIDS WANT than kids?!  Who knows better WHAT CARETAKERS NEED than moms?! Get yourselves and your kids in front of your computer and get ready to put your heart online.


Kids Cart:  Ok kids, imagine you’re a kid coming out of surgery. What would bring a smile to your face? Seeing your mom, of course! But what if a nurse wheeled in a cart covered in treasures to reward your bravery?! What would you pick? Fidgets? Jewelry? Games? Toys? Your ideas can help fill the cart that fills their hearts.

Compassion Cart for Hospital Employees: Ok moms, you’ve been working hard all day and maybe even all night. What would bring a smile to your face? Something sweet? Something salty? Something caffeinated? Something lip glossy? Maybe some emollient hand lotion to stop your fingers from cracking after so much hand sanitizer?


1) Make it “a thing:” Get your kids and get on your computers have them choose the brightest smile-makers. There’s something for every budget; kids may even be able to buy something with a little of their allowance if they wish!  Go to to purchase goods at wholesale** for either (or both!) of the Carts.


2) Make it fast and easy. Just like with the Neighbor to Neighbor feminine hygiene products collection drive, you may Venmo@PYPSupplyTheDemand (no amount is too small!) and we will choose how to Supply the Demand for you!**

**IMPORTANT but boring information: Too Sparrows has become an approved distributor for Greenwich Hospital for the Supply the Demand Carts project. That means that PYP can safely comply with the Infection Protection Compliance Protocols that have stopped the Carts from getting filled before.  We can also stretch our dollars by using wholesale purchasing power. Too Sparrows is proudly ON CALL for kids and docs, and guarantees any dollars in the @PYPSupplyTheDemand Venmo account or purchased through the link will go 100% directly towards wholesale purchasing for the Carts (at no profit to Too Sparrows.)  Ain’t no stopping us now!

Past Initiatives

Supply the Demand: Heads or Tails?

PYP’s very first Supply the Demand effort “Head or Tails” teamed up with Neighbor to Neighbor to cover women and children from Head to Tail.  Here’s how it worked.


There are 600 families living in Greenwich that Neighbor to Neighbor supports.

These families are living below the poverty line and must make “Heads or Tails” of which basic needs they can buy and which they must go without.


There are 450 children in these families that Neighbor to Neighbor supports

Nearly all of them lack basic winter layers, including warm winter hats


There are around 450 females that need help buying feminine hygiene products

1 in 4 females misses work or school because they do not have feminine hygiene products during their period

1 in 5 females use “substitutes” such as toilet paper, socks and washcloths


Decide how you want to make Heads or Tails of it…

Make it fun or make it serious. Toss a coin with your family and see if it lands heads or tails! Or just take the opportunity to talk it over with your kids and ask them what they want to donate and why.  If you include a letter from your family, N to N is happy to pass those along.  All items must be new with tags.

HEADS: Donate Winter Hats: Baby/Little Kids Hats, Bigger Kids Hats (both welcome)

TAILS: Donate Feminine Hygiene Products: Pads (preferred), Tampons, Panty Liners

First collection site is Nina Lindia’s house (address was provided to members). There will be marked bins BEHIND the house on the back patio starting Monday 12/14.  The collection “period” ? will run approximately 28-30 days, because…we love a pun.  

Venmo group collection: We understand many PYP families are remaining as “contact free” as possible.  If you’d rather donate money than items, Too Sparrows will use their wholesale purchasing power to buy hats or pads on behalf of PYP.  We can even wait to make the purchase right before the Heads/Tails project is up, and target the spend on which “end” needs it most! For example, Too Sparrows can source winter hats for $6/each.  They are getting pricing on feminine products as well.  Just Venmo @PYPSupplyTheDemand and put PYP Heads or Tails in the comment.  Not tax free, but surely contact free, and the best bulk pricing guaranteed.  And of course, if you’d rather donate your dollars directly to N to N, well, that’s great TOO and here’s the link:


PYP raised $3,000 and collected countless boxes of products plus some bonus warm winter layers.  Cheryl Floyd and Vicki Deppoliti, co-owner’s of a local and on-line boutique, Too Sparrows (, then used their wholesale purchasing power to stretch 100% of those Venmo dollars into several shipments of pads, tampons, and other feminine hygiene products that could SUPPLY this DEMAND for Neighbor to Neighbor for the rest of the year.